Still Hope Uganda's Story

The story of Still Hope Uganda begins in the first decade of the 2000's when one of the board members began sponsoring some children there with another organization. One of those was Christine, a teen whose father had abandoned the family in 1993 when she was 1 year old and whose mother plus grandmother died, leaving her with a hut and a small garden to try to support herself and her sister. She also worked as house girl in 2008 at young age in Kampala for 2 years and selling on the street to raise funds for education and family support which shaped her character as an ambassador for the voiceless. During this period she fasted for 40 days where she made a promise to God that she would help children of her category if God gave a breakthrough in her life, and she asked for a parental figure in her life because since her childhood she has never stayed in a family where there is a mom and a dad. A kind person took her to a children's home nearby where she began to thrive. When the board member visited, he found her to be a thoughtful, caring person who was making the most of her opportunity.

She was able to attend a university, graduating with a degree in social work, and immediately she started with kinship care by supporting her niece who was born with HIV/AIDS, whose mother was undergoing a depression, and she offered scholastic materials to two children in her community who later dropped out of school because of extreme conditions of poverty, Later when given the chance by SH she opened her door to 5 children who were in desperate conditions.

Recently after seeking God's will and the counsel of others, including observation of how he treated the children (like a father!), she and her long-term fiancé Sunday were married. Now Christine is a happy mother of 8 children, 2 who are natural and 6 who are equally loved. As God makes opportunity, she and Still Hope are ready to care for more desperate children in western Uganda.

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