Still Hope In Kenya

Cleaning Clothes Oyugis Still Hope Orphanage Interior Oyugis Orphanage Exterior Still Hope Kenya Orphanage
Still Hope Kenyan Orphanage Staff Kenya Orphanage Group Photo Education for Kenyan Children

Still Hope works along side with the Director, Chris Osunga in the western part of Kenya Africa. We have “Annette’s Children’s Home” which was erected in memory of the late, Linda Annette Cook. This home serves as a facility to serve just under one hundred children in desperate need.

Still Hope In India

Still Hope In Uganda

StillHope's Orphanage in Uganda StillHope Uganda's childrenStillHope's Uganda Orphanage
StillHope's Orphanage in Uganda Exterior Shot StillHope Uganda ChildrenStillHope's Christine and Sunday

Still Hope works along side the Director(s), Sunday and Christina Asumpto in Uganda. Christina was a pure orphan and raised in a Children’s home. Nate Schwenk, our board member sponsored her for many years. They developed a close parent/daughter relationship. Christina always desired to give back to other children who do not have home to call their own. Nate, our director of operations in Uganda,had a desire to help more children as well. In 2020, that dream came true.

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