Still Hope Kenya's Orphanage

Still Hope works along side with the Director, Chris Osunga in the western part of Kenya Africa. We have “Annette’s Children’s Home” which was erected in memory of the late, Linda Annette Cook. This home serves as a facility to serve just under one hundred children in desperate need.

Some children are home based which means they live with a guardian, grand parent or have only one parent who can not afford to care of them. The children reside in the children’s home that have no one or no where to go. All of the children receive food, raiment, education, medical assistance when needed and most importantly, love and spiritual guidance.

We have a sponsorship program in place. You may select the child of your choice that is available. Your child will connect with you by often corresponding with letters to you. The sponsorship program is more than money. It is a life changing Program that gives the child a sense of security and knowing someone cared enough about them to actually support them. As a Still Hope team we have had the privilege of personally visiting with them. These children are very special, sweet and grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Still Hope program. Otherwise, they would not have a chance.

Home Based Children = $30.00 per month ($1.00 per day)
Residential Children = $60.00 per month ($2.00 per day)
This covers the basics. Any extra that can be given is greatly appreciated!

Still Hope Kenya's Widow and Eldery Outreach Center

Widows and elderly outreach center, “The Livingston Hall” is served to meet the needs of the community. We have a food outreach every month to 50 widows and elderly. The center also serves as a tailoring training center. Our objective is to empower the women in the area by providing them life line to support themselves.

The facility can serve as a multipurpose center.

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